Dynomec dynamometer systems 2018 In finnish

WTi dynamometer system:

WTi is 2015 launched accurate and repeatability dynamometer system for measuring power and torque output produced by an engine.The various specifications of the WTi dynamometer are:

  • Totally new DynomecWTi dynamometer software and DynomecWT-6288i data acquisition box
  • Accurate and repeatability dynoruns with power/torque measurements
  • Comprehensive database for customers and their equipments
  • Full realtime screen for analog and digital inputs
  • Loadcell support for brakedynamometers
  • 8 analog channels (e.g. used for lambda,EGT,MAP,CLT,EGP and many other sensors)
  • 8 digital channels (can be used any switch type sensors, example oil pressure light sensor)
  • USB connected, can be used any type computers
  • Support for Win7,Win8,Win8.1,Win10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Dynorun can be later simulated and compared with other runs
  • Very easy to use
  • The continuous development and updates in the future
  • SAE J1349 standard weather correction factor

    Price for basic package is 1000EUR(inc.VAT24%)
    Now only European customers can order it: sales@dynomec.com

    Basic package includes :
  • WTi software
  • WTi DAQ
  • Roller sensor (Honeywell 1gt101dc)
  • USB cable

Other than european buyers should follow these pages. WTi software come very soon available also other countries.
If you have any hopes of the new features, please send email to support@dynomec.com



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